Tips For Discussing Hair Loss With Clients

What should you suggest? Hair loss can be devastating, and oftentimes women feel too embarrassed to disclose their concerns. A positive comment such as, Your new headscarf is very stylish! may be a gentle way of broaching a subject that, for many women, can be uncomfortable. Or, you might ask your client if theyve noticed more hair coming out in the shower or when brushing their hair lately, or ask if their hair has become more difficult to style. If your client does mention their hair loss, the first step is to suggest a visit to their doctor or dermatologist. They will be able to determine the cause of the hair loss and rule out any underlying health concerns.
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Hair Loss Prevention 101

There are ways that you can slow a receding hairline, so sit tight as AskMen gives you a crash course. Welcome to Hair Loss Prevention 101. What causes hair loss? Although hair loss can be blamed on your mom and dad (i.e., genetics) there are other causespreventable onesthat include nutritional deficiency, infection, prescription drugs, chemical hair products, and even emotional stress. Taking care of these, while focusing on ways to stimulate growth, should keep you well ahead of the pack in your hair-loss-prevention quest. Eat more fish Not only are fish loaded with protein and minerals, but theyre also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Both nutrients have been linked to preventing hair loss in chemotherapy patients.
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