Beauty Sleep Or Brains Sleep? Switching Off ‘helps Regrow Brain Cells’

A year on at Annecy: The unsolved mystery of the Al-Hilli lay-by murders

By contrast, other genes that are involved in cell death and stress response were found to be on in mice who were forced to stay awake. Dr Cirelli said: For a long time, sleep researchers focused on how the activity of nerve cells differs when animals are awake versus when they are asleep. Now it is clear that the way other supporting cells in the nervous system operate also changes significantly depending on whether the animal is asleep or awake. For centuries scientists have tried to establish the precise biological processes that take place while we sleep, and the benefits the body receives. The US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) told the BBC that we already knew deep sleep allows the body to recover better from harmful factors such as stress and ultraviolet rays in other words, genuine beauty sleep.
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Which beauty parlor paid only P37 in income tax?

Greta Merchandise and Beauty Shop in Sorsogon paid P59.96 in tax, while Colours N’ Styles Salon in West Makati paid P64.12 in taxes. The BIR noted these low income taxes are not even enough to pay for a haircut. Top taxpaying salons The BIR also released the list of top 50 salon and beauty treatment clinic taxpayers in the National Capital Region for 2011. Topping the list is Facial Care Center, which paid P4.28 million in income tax in 2011. Second was Forever Flawless, which paid P2.63 million, followed by Beauty Profile Corp. (Facial Care Center and Svenson International), which paid P2.61 million.
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